Practical information


  1. By car: You can drive up with your own vehicle. Parking is free of charge. (View the map)
  2. By bike: Cycle to the park (takes roughly 3 hours).
  3. By bus: Transportation by bus is free if you are registered for the whole weekend. Those wishing to take the bus must meet on Friday, August 19th at 5:30pm at the Alternatives office (3720 Ave. du Parc). Buses will return to the Alternatives office on Sunday around 6 p.m.  


  • Camping: People bringing their own tents can camp in a number of locations. Hot showers and washrooms are available.
  • Accommodation: people staying in the accommodations will be assigned a bed when they arrive. The accommodations include electricity and hot water along with comfortable beds. Camp Papillon can accommodate up to 500 people, so there is no risk of shortages! Those who choose this option have to bring their own bedding (pillows, sheets and /or sleeping bag).


Quality food is included in the price. Vegetarian meals are available*. Meals provided include:

  • Friday, August 19th: a late cocktail around 8:30p.m., once everyone has registered. (Bring a snack or light supper, in case you get hungry first!)
  • Saturday, August 20: breakfast, lunch and dinner
  • Sunday, August 21: breakfast and lunch

    * Please make sure to specify in the registration form if you are vegetarian.

Child care services

Free child care services are offered at Camp Papillon by qualified staff. Please indicate the number of kids you are bringing, as well as their age, on your registration form.