Agora Popular Youth Forum

Wednesday, March 22, 2000 - 20:00 - 23:00

The Agora popular youth forum was a meeting held for young adults between the ages of 18 and 35 from all backgrounds to discuss the exclusion of youth from politics, a trend being observed around the world with the rise of globalization and fundamentalism.

The forum featured an open debate on solutions and strategies for encouraging socioeconomic integration of youth, with a particular focus on the consolidation of democratic, pluralist and intercultural society of which youth are included as full citizens.

The main issues discussed during the youth forum were:

  • Economic integration: How do we redefine the “rules of the game” at the macroeconomic level, and how do we resist today's dominant lifestyle that encourages waste and exploitation?
  • Social integration: Why is it that contemporary society increasingly excludes younger people, and are current youth support programs adequate?
  • Integration and diversity: How should we express cultural diversity in our society and how can we make sharing conceptions of pluralistic society among young citizens more open and harmonious?
  • Cultural integration: How do youth use information and culture to educate, raise issues, fight exclusion and offer alternative solutions?
  • Political integration: Where do youth fit in when it comes to decision-making and what do they suggest in order to increase their power and influence in this process? 
  • Integration and education: What is the relationship between education and citizenship? How important is public education and how do we make it a constant despite our different environments and milieus?

Youth from immigrant, aboriginal, student and feminist backgrounds were all in attendance.

The forum provided an opportunity for youth to speak up about all forms of exclusion and to share their own ideas, world visions, and possible solutions to the issues raised.