Maghreb: Women and Development

Friday, April 5, 1991 - 16:00 - Saturday, April 6, 1991 - 19:00


The seminar Maghreb: Women and Development, held as part of Intercultural Week, will include four workshops, a plenary and screenings of two films that will be followed by a debate.

As part of this seminar, which will last a day and a half, we invite three North African women, one of Morocco, one from Algeria and one from Tunisia, who speak of human rights, feminist movements and women's struggle against fundamentalism. A North African woman living in Quebec will also be invited to talk about the difficulties of integration in Quebec society. A preparatory document covering various topics of the workshops and, later, the proceedings will be made ​​public.

During the seminar, a babysitting service will be free to facilitate women's participation in this event.


  • To promote reflection on the realities of women in the Arab world in general and particularly in the Maghreb;
  • Raise public awareness of the situation of women from the Maghreb to eliminate discriminatory attitudes and foster closer relations between cultures;
  • Compare the struggles of women here and there and to develop links of solidarity between women's groups to establish a true partnership;
  • Take advantage of this event to encourage North African women to assert themselves in all levels of Quebec society.


Approximately 100 participants are expected at each session.