Thursday, April 21, 2011 - 19:00 - 21:00


Come join us for the discussions in the auditorium of the Atwater Library

(1200 Atwater Avenue x St.Catherine West - Atwater subway)

  • Where did the understanding of how to conduct social change protests in Egypt and Tunisia come from?
  • Why have protests taken a different turn in Libya?
  • What happened in Dakar at the February meeting of the World Social Forum? (Final Declaration of the Forum)
  • What is this, the largest movement in human history, all about anyway?

Hear a report from Montrealers who were there

  • Michel Lambert, Executive Director of Alternatives International

  • Feroz Mehdi, founding member of Alternatives International
and others who attended the Dakar forum

...and others who attended the Dakar forum

* Chair: Dimitri Roussopoulos

Some of the events covered include :

  • World Social Forum: 10th Anniversary
  • Final Declaration on of the Social Movements Assembly
  • From Cairo to Dakar to Durban, Another World Actually Is Possible!

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