Montreal, Conference : Resisting colonization at the end of the century : learning from our past to build a better future

Friday, February 5, 1993 - 17:00 - Saturday, February 6, 1993 - 19:00

This event is intended as an attempt to facilitate a moment of reflection in the experience of the recent and far behind past of Native peoples. At the same time, it will be a moment of gathering to draw new ideas, new strategies with the guidelines of the lessons from the past, to better situate people’s issues and therefor, be better prepared for the challenges laying ahead.

Moreover, the conference is intended to be an information forum for non-Native sectors to better understand First Nations’ issues. As the conference will aim to gather different ethnic sectors of the Quebec society, it will also be a tool to communicate and understand racial relations and social issues within the context of today’s Quebec and Canadian society. The inter-action between different ethnic and social groups (namely Native people, black community, whites (both Anglophones and Francophones, Latin Americans) will be, in our view, one of the most positive aspects of the conference.

The conference as designed will serve as a tool to bring together the above mentioned sectors to a healthy debate on issues of common concerns.


  • To create public awareness and knowledge of the Canadian public on the socio-economic and political dynamics in Southern Africa;
  • To generate public knowledge among the Canadian of the political economic and social dynamics of the First Nations in Canada, with a stress on the Québec province;
  • To create links between South Africans and Native peoples to identify common problems and solutions.

200-250 people

Concordia University