Montreal: Conference on the State of Democracy and Human Rights in the Arab World

Friday, August 7, 1992 - 19:30 - 21:30

Since many years, the situation of human rights remains worrying in the Arab world. The arrival to power of Ben Ali in Tunisia in 1987 was marked by a resurgence of massive political repression and human rights violations. Therefore, imprisonment and torture of political opponents remain widespread practices in many countries of the region.

It is in this context that Alternatives, in collaboration with the Quebec Civil Liberties Union, has organized this conference about titled Democracy, Freedom and Human Rights in the Arab World, which was held August 7th, 1992 at the Centre Saint-Pierre, 1215 Visitation street. This conference focused on the struggles for democracy in Arab countries as well as human rights defense movements, particularly in Tunisia, Algeria and Morocco.

Four speakers were present:

  • M. Tayeb Baccouche (unionist, former political prisoner in Tunisia);
  • M. Miloud Brahimi (founding president of the Ligue algérienne des droits de l’homme);
  • M. Fraj Fenniche (Director General of the Institut arabe des droits de l’homme);
  • M. Oumlil Ali (president of the Association marocaine des droits de l’homme).