Montreal: Cultural Days : Arab World Pictures

Friday, October 17, 1997 - 17:30 - Wednesday, November 26, 1997 - 22:30

In collaboration with Antitube


The fourth annual Cultural Days: Image of the Arab World will be held often the theme of memory. It offers Montrealers special moments with an invitation-through film, visual arts and music-on a journey into the depths of memory and Arab history.

One of the main objectives of holding these cultural days is to contribute to a better understanding of Arab societies. In this spirit, Images of the Arab World has partnered with local talent to reflect the richness and diversity of the Arab world and allow the public to discover that beyond the stereotypes and clichés carried by current actuality made of violence and intolerance, millions of Arabs continue, as all other peoples, their quest for a better world and express in a wonderful artistic hopes and sorrows, their laughter and tears, in a word, their humanity.


  • Contribute to a better understanding of Arab societies through the arts. Film, video, painting, music, poetry as its universal language that can better than any words get to the bottom of each feeling part of a whole: humanity;

  • To promote Canadian productions of films, videos and artwork on Arab societies and Arab communities here;

  • Provide places to meet and exchange ideas through intercultural activities;

  • Challenge stereotypes and clichés of actuality made of violence and intolerance and thus offer an alternative to simplistic and sensational information.


  • Exhibition and Conference

"Arab Arts current alternative vision" In addition to the current Arab Arts exhibition, this conference is an introduction to some plastic movements. The abstraction, setting, different uses and developments of calligraphy as identity strategy, as well as socially and politically engaged art are some of the manifestations of an art world in 22 countries and resistant to all unitary visions ...

  • Cinema:

Local component

This section is devoted to the promotion of films, videos and documentaries by filmmakers of Arab or by Canadian directors covering topics on the realities or Arab societies.

International component

Several films and documentaries from Egypt, Lebanon, Syria, Tunisia, Palestine as well as films by Iraqi exile.

  • Opening:

-October 17 at 18:30

Maison de la culture Côte-des-Neiges

-November 6 to 17h

Strathearn Gallery

  • Exhibition:

-Hagira Preur

National Film Board

-Charles Gros, Joseph Chahfé, Ralph Hage Ali Kichou

Maison de la culture Côte-des-Neiges

-Ralph Hage, Charles Gros, Joseph Chahfé

Strathearn Gallery

-Angel Helou

Coffee Fiesta

  • Music

October 21 at the Maison de la Culture Côte-des-Neige, the group DOULA performs a Muwashahat concert, singing traditional Arab-Andalusian

October 22 at Vert-Bouteille, the group DOULA performs a Muwashahat concert, singing traditional Arab-Andalusian

November 6 at the Centre Strathearn, the group Samai performs a music concert Arab-Berber.


4000 people attended the activities