Montreal, Lebanon, Israel, Palestine: Peace Fragments

Thursday, November 16, 1989 - 05:00 - Sunday, November 19, 1989 - 19:00


The Centre arabe pour le developpement invites you to a presentation of four films (two from Lebanon, one from Palestine and a Israeli production). There is an animation of discussions after each screening by resource persons plus the publication of a brochure about the running of the event.


• Publicize a part of film production in the Middle East on the subject of peace in the region;
• Raise awareness of the problem of peace in the Middle East;
• Present an aspect of Middle Eastern culture and contribute to better understanding between the Arab, Jewish and Quebec.


The room where the projections took place was full every night (250-280 people). All those people remained to participate in debates with guests and resource persons of CEAD. So the success of public participation plan is undeniable.

Location: Cinéma Parallèle