Multicultural Evening: Rhythms Around the World

Friday, April 7, 2000 - 20:30 - 23:30

In April 2000 Alternatives, in association with Radio Basse-Ville and Café L'Abraham-Martin, organized an evening concert featuring genres of music and dance from around the world. Attendees enjoyed a night on their feet while being introduced to new people and new music. 

The evening’s acts included:

  • Traditional québécois music by Mélanie Demers & Lyette Remon
  • Aboriginal music by Geneviève Mckenzie
  • Flamenco with the Bouleria dance studio
  • Baladi (an Arabic dance style) with Migration dance group
  • A stand-up comedy act with Sébastien Bouchard
  • Bosa Nova with ‘Les Occasionnels’
  • Capoiera with Cuilombo-Québec
  • African dance with Catherine Thérien
  • Didgeridoo by Amélie Plaisance and Sébastien Dubuc
  • Middle Eastern dance with Karine Gélinas
  • Celtic music by La Bourrasque Celtique

In this second annual multicultural evening Alternatives’ hoped to unite diverse global cultures in a night of song and dance.