October 22: Resistance grows from coast to coast

Monday, October 22, 2012 - 08:00 - 17:00
  • October 22, 2012. Remember this date, it is an important one.

On this day, one of the biggest civil disobedience acts in Canadian history will take place in Western Canada. Thousands of citizens are preparing to participate in a mass sit-in in front of the Legislative Assembly in Victoria, British Columbia, to demonstrate their opposition to the arrival of tar sand pipelines and supertankers and the environmental risks they pose.

As a nice coincidence, October 22 happens to also be the date on which the 4th Annual Conference of the Quebec Oil and Gas Association (QOGA) will be held in Montreal. The Association is the province’s main fossil fuels lobby.

Last April 22, 250,000 of us took to the streets of Montréal to express our commitment to the planet, to sharing, to the common good and to respecting the right of all citizens to a healthy environment. This October 22 will be the six months’ anniversary of that event, and the oil and gas industries are still there, omnipresent and ever-active with decision makers.

To fight this lobby and express our solidarity with the West Coast, we must mobilise again to make our voices heard.

If you are against tar sand pipelines and shale gas and oil, and wish instead to see new solutions and a commitment to developing renewable energy, join us on October 22 at 8am in front of the Montreal Hilton-Bonaventure Hotel.

We must be united from coast to coast!
Don’t forget to bring signs, pans, leaflets and mugs. We’ll take care of the coffee!

Citizens’ rally!
For the 4th Annual QOGA Conference
and in solidarity with British Columbia

Monday October 22, starting at 8am

In front of the the Hilton-Bonaventure Hotel
900 Gauchetière O, Montreal
Bonaventure Metro Station

Participating organisations:
Citoyens concernés par l'exploitation d'hydrocarbures au Québec, Greenpeace, AQLPA, Alternatives, Regroupement Interrégional Gaz de Schiste de la Vallée du St-Laurent, Moratoire d'une génération, ...

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