Quebec (city of), Public Conference for Peace in Kosovo

Thursday, May 13, 1999 - 19:30 - 21:00


The war against Yugoslavia led by NATO represents a formidable backstep to all those who care about peace and democracy in this region and more widely in the world. Instead of strengthening the mechanisms of political mediation and democratic transformation, war imposes domination weapons. It is said even in Kosovo, we could increase the presence of foreign observers, increase the pressure (including economic) against Belgrade, further support the forces of civil society in Yugoslavia and Kosovo who fight for peace.

The military aggression and the destruction of a country are presented as a "humanitarian" intervention. Forces fighting in Yugoslavia against the dictatorship of Milosevic are ignored. Such are those in Kosovo itself advocating coexistence between Serbian and Albanian communities and who want autonomy for their region. In the same way, we depart the real concerns of people in the region who see the future dismantling and destruction of their country in the present war.


  • Mr. Dejan Stojanovic, Director of the Department of French and international languages ​​at Ashbury College in Ottawa;
  • Robert David Atlernatives President, responsible for the Eastern Europe, returning from a tour of Yugoslav peace groups.


  • Launch a public call for solidarity against the war in the Balkans;
  • To support the democratic forces in the region;
  • Invite people to donate solidarity;
  • Revive a popular initiative for dialogue for peace that will bring together groups and individuals on all sides.


150 people were present