Quebec, Mobilization for Peace, against War and Racism

Saturday, September 29, 2001 - 13:00 - 18:00


In connection with the military response announced by the United States following the terrorist acts of September 11, several groups in the region of Quebec came together to organize a mass mobilization in favor of peace. Thus, Alternatives has launched an invitation to come and work for peace and against war and racism and to attend a conference (the Community Centre Lucien-Borne) which aims to better understand the various challenges of the current crisis and solutions in favor of peace.

In this context of social injustice and inequality, governments should examine the conditions that feed terrorism. And instead of replicating the violence, they must address the structural causes and implement measures that will have a peaceful longer term.

There are solutions, solutions that should be supported by our governments and the international community. They argue for a reconsideration of Canada's international policies and support for democratic institutions around the world. To give hope, we rather fight against religious fundamentalism, racism and inequality around the world.


That Canada not participate in any armed intervention of the United States.


  • Walk for peace, against war and racism

13h Place d'Youville

  • Public Lecture


- Michel Chossudovsky, economist and author of "The globalization of poverty";

-Feroz Mehdi (CERAS and Alternatives)

-Makai Aref (Association of Women of Afghanistan).