Quebec (province of), Study Days of Alternatives: Resistance in the Americas

Saturday, August 26, 2000 - 10:00 - Sunday, August 27, 2000 - 11:30


In previous years, Alternatives has successfully organized "study days" that allowed us to discuss key policy issues and special that face us. This meeting was primarily aimed at discussing politics. In past years, we discussed various topics: the role of NGOs, the national question, globalization, etc.., allowing the hundreds of participants to fully discuss and get to know, which has a definite effect the health of the association.

This year, we renew this good practice and the theme is: The resistance against globalization and imperialism in the Americas (North and South). As usual, we chose a resort like "family camp" both pleasant and not too expensive.

List of activities:

Saturday, August 26


Introduction to the weekend

10:15 to 12:30

Plenary: Seattle to Quebec in 2001, resistance in the Americas

During this plenary, we will walk around the issues that have been emerging around the Americas project of the FTAA, in relation to neoliberal perspectives that dominate the current government. We will look especially new forms of resistance expressed in the various sectors that mobilization of Seattle brought out vividly. Finally, we discuss the prospects and future actions in the Summit of the Americas in April 2001.


Five concurrent workshops

  • Workshop 1: Americas all-out

This workshop will examine the strengths and popular struggles in Brazil, the United States and Quebec, will the picture of their strengths and weaknesses and will release courses of action and solidarity.

  • Workshop 2: The People's Summit

In Quebec City in April 2001, a People's Summit will be organized in parallel to the one of the heads of states, to do the trial of life of people, also to develop alternatives that will allow internationalist popular movements better defend themselves.

  • Workshop 3: Protests against the citizens globalizers

In Quebec City in April 2001 will be an important action of civil resistance, which follows the actions of SalAMI against the MAI and the WTO, in particular. How do you prepare this action? What are the means and mechanisms? Why civil resistance is important and how does it fit in the context of Quebec in 2001?

  • Workshop 4: Mobilizing union in the Americas

Trade unions are fighting neoliberalism that is expressed through free trade agreements like NAFTA and try to develop new practices of international solidarity.

  • Workshop 5: The environment against neoliberalism

NAFTA, WTO, the MAI are threats against the environment and protection policies painfully and incompletely implemented by governments in recent years. Quebec and the Americas, it is not only the boreal forest that goes. Who resists and how?

7:30 p.m.

Information workshop for new members of Alternatives

Alternatives: its programs, activities. The role and rights of members. The outlook for the coming year.

Sunday, August 27


Four concurrent workshops

  • Workshop 1: The information in the era of the Net

With Seattle, even the policy makers have seen how popular organizations could use the new means of communications. In Quebec, a center for alternative media rights in place. Why? How?

  • Workshop 2: Women and globalization, for the Women's March in October 2000

Women's March in October 2000 will be a great time of mobilization. We can better understand its meaning, its progress, its future prospects.

  • Workshop 3: Africa and Asia against globalization

Popular struggles in China, Indonesia, Nigeria, Zimbabwe.

  • Workshop 4: urban struggles against globalization

Progressive movements are drilled at the municipal level across Latin America and even in Canada. What are the lessons from these advances.


The last word: Alternatives and Quebec 2001

Location: Domaine de la fraternité