Seminar on American Globalization: Resistance and Alternatives

Saturday, August 24, 2002 - 09:00 - Sunday, August 25, 2002 - 17:00

In 2002 Alternatives organized a weekend long event to raise awareness about the extent and range of effects the United States’ imperialist tendencies are having on the entire world, especially dealing with the increase in scope and intensity of their foreign operations since September 11th.

Saturday’s events started off with a plenary entitled The Empire Attacks about the increased level of American military intervention in foreign affairs since the onset of the War on Terror and assessing how energy resources played into this. The rest of the day consisted of workshops about a variety of regions and issues related to American dominance:

  • Imperialism and conquest in Asia
  • The Colombia Plan to the Puebla Panama Plan
  • Where Canada fits into globalization
  • The World Bank and militarization in Africa
  • The Social movement in Europe against neoliberalism
  • Globalization as an attack on culture
  • Afghanistan in the game plan for central Asia

Saturday ended with a round-table conference about challenges to the globalization resistance movement. The plenary, workshops and conference all featured multiple guest-speakers and experts from around the world that are involved in resistance movements. Speakers ranged from professors, to ex-soldiers, to journalists.

Sunday had two blocks of workshops, the first dealing with strategies for fighting American imperial dominance and the second providing information about neoliberalism and resistance to it.

In the morning participants took part in workshops concerning:

  • Solidarity with Palestine
  • Solidarity with Maghreb
  • Solidarity with Africa
  • The next steps in fighting the Free Trade Area of the Americas (FTAA)
  • The ecological perspective

In the afternoon workshops dealt with:

  • The architecture of global neoliberalism (the FTAA, WTO, and IMF)
  • New information technology and alternative media
  • The importance of the upcoming election in Brazil
  • Alternatives as an organization

The weekend seminar concluded with another round-table conference, this time the discussion was centred on rebuilding the link between the social and political domain – two spheres that have suffered from a divide historically in Quebec.