Workshop on multicultural and multiracial education 1990

Friday, October 26, 1990 - 08:30 - Friday, November 30, 1990 - 13:00


The Education Department of the multicultural and multiracial Protestant School Board of Greater Montreal (PSBGM) has set up for the fall of 1990, five major workshops, including two for the French sector and three in the English sector.


The main objective of the workshops is to provide teachers and non-teaching an opportunity to broaden their knowledge and increase its sensitivity in response to the effective multicultural and multiracial schools in Quebec.


1. Information component

  • Social life and customs of various groups;
  • Integration;
  • The program "Between Us", "Family Matters" sensibiliation-parents;
  • Adaptation of immigrants;
  • The richness of diverse cultures;
  • Resources.

2. Awareness component

  • Integration in reception class;
  • The various values ​​of everyone;
  • The different education systems;
  • Religions and daily life;
  • How about Quebec in the context of an intercultural classroom;
  • Racism (stereotypes, violence, prejudice);
  • Human Rights.

3. Practical component

  • How to encourage children to want and turns to speak French;
  • Helping children to live in a multicultural environment;
  • Parental involvement.

Number of participants:

  • 366 for High School Van Horne
  • 461 for High School Mount Royal