Biblioteca Popular Daniel Lopez Lazo en Coronel (Chile)

culture, education, development
  • History

Daniel Lopez Lazo is a known militant. Although his legacy hardware is composed of a few books, his spiritual heritage consists of the militant group of people to build the library that bears his name. Born of the murderous military dictatorship, its ideals have been at the center of this struggle for the rights of the city and the countryside, the values ​​of solidarity and the consequences that result from some considerations, transient or permanent accommodation. Many have paid with their lives, killed by those with economic, military and political power.

  • Objectives

The objective of Bilioteca Popular de Coronel is intimately connected to the current situation in the area of ​​carbon. The democratic government has closed 150 years of history. The obvious reasons were economic. Carbon is no longer a market and conversion occurred in Coronel. Lopa now goes through the same process. Obviously the "converted" are the final beneficiaries. The Biblioteca Popular Coronel wants help from this place to recreate a socio-cultural identity, taking into account the history of the struggle of carbon which is the sum of the current challenges political, socio-cultural and educational.

  • Achievements

The initiative and its development have been difficult. The Bilioteca Popular Coronel is a nonprofit organization. One of these early activities, which had become a tradition, is the campaign of books, for which it received valuable contributions in the form of money as much as books. The Biblioteca Popular develops workshops guitar and flute and strengthens the workshops on subjects in which children have difficulties. It also cooperates with other institutions. Finally, it promotes the culture of the people in areas still broader and deeper educational work with children that they should grow without limits.