Commission épiscopale Justice et Paix (CEJP)-DCR

participative democracy, civil society


The Commission épiscopale Justice et Paix is a creature of Vatican II who wanted "to create a body of the universal Church, entrusted with engaging the Catholic community to promote progress in needy regions and social justice among nations "(Gaudium et Spes n.90). On January 6, 1967, Pope Paul VI established the Pontifical Commission Justice and Peace on an experimental basis. By the Motu Proprio (decree of the Pope) and Pacem justiciam of 10 December 1976, the Commission receives its final status. The papal decree ordered the establishment of National Commissions for Justice and Peace in each country.

Thus, the Episcopal Conference of Zaire at the time created the Justice and Peace Commission in 1978. The final status of CEJP were approved by the Standing Committee September 8, 1993. In this year, episcopacy ordered the establishment of justice and peace commissions in all dioceses and parishes all Catholics in the DRC.


In Democratic Republic of Congo, CEJP aims the study and deepening, in the doctrinal, pastoral and apostolic problems related to justice and peace in Congolese society and within the local church, to awaken the people of God and pastors to recognize their role and responsibilities in the areas of justice, peace and human rights, in reference to Christian doctrine to the transformation of mental structures, socio-political and economic oppress man.