Educaciòn Popular en Salud (EPES)-Chile


Educación Popular en Salud (EPES) was born in 1982 in Santiago, as part of the diaconal work of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Chile (IELCH) to encourage participation and planning of community health of the popular sectors with the expansion of its work the following year to the city of Concepcion in southern Chile. In 2002, ESPE acquires the legal foundation, which implies new challenges for the sustainability of the institution and its courses of action. Since its inception in the 80s, EPES has the challenge of working in Santiago and Concepción, two cities that concentrate high levels of poverty and an important story for the organization. EPES team worked in these cities with residents excluded, mostly women, people living with HIV, people who lived between sexual, domestic, social and political violence. Also, through health classes, workshops, schools and other educational spaces, the institution sought to provide communities the right to health.