The Espace Associatif (Morocco)

Espace Associatif - Morocco

Alternatives has supported L’Espace associatif in Morocco since its founding in 1996. L’Espace associatif is a collection of associations that fight for human rights, women's rights, democracy, the Tamazight culture, etc. It is a collective strategy, whose aim is the establishment of a democratic society and a lawful state, as well as the promotion of citizens’ values and sustainable development.

L’Espace associatif is a catalyzing force, a nucleus capable of bringing together disparate local associations to ensure the presence of a civil society that is capable of acting as an effective counterweight to the state. Their objectives include the reinforcement of links between associations, the reinforcement of local democracy, the integration of women into citizenry participation and local democracy, the fight against poverty, and raising awareness for the green spaces of greater Casablanca (Hermitage park, amongst others).

This work includes raising awareness in terms of the environment and health, and putting into place a training program for local associations that will provide them with the tools necessary in order to pursue development and democracy.

L’Espace associatif also regularly organizes roundtables, conferences and seminars that focus on the relationships between social movements and governments, and on the role that social movements can play in elections, in the oversight of community works, in citizenry education, participation in the management of public goods, education on human rights and solidarity in the defence of the public good.