Foro de Mujeres para la Integración Centroamericana (FMICA)-Costa Rica

women, poverty, peace, development, democracy

Foro de Mujeres para la Integración Centroamericana [FMICA] was created in 1996 in Nicaragua and has offices throughout Central America. In 1998, the forum with the various actors of civil society urges a process for the construction of a proposed policy entitled Strategic Agenda para la Equidad de Genero in Central America. The objectives of the system integration of Central America are: peace, democracy and development. For women in Central America, the construction of democracy and peace means to guide regional development from the perspective of gender equality.

This approach involves:

  • Recognizing the great diversity of women in Central America;
  • The defense and expansion of women's human right;
  • Ensure that women participate in decision making to promote effective action to eradicate poverty, particularly the feminization of poverty;
  • Eliminate gender inequality in all its manifestations.