Groupe Justice et Libération (DRC)

human rights

The Groupe Justice et Libération was created on January 31th, 1992, is a Christian association of human rights. It received its license to operate by the letter of the Ministry of Justice and Keeper of the Seals No. Just/CAB/MINI/20/074/94. Its vision is to make men master of their destiny by knowing and claiming their rights.

Beyond industrial action up to the steps and other sit-ins, the first actions of the group sessions were popularization of the human rights, democracy and pressure groups. Thus, it traveled all the territories of the province by focusing on the structures of churches and mainly of the Catholic Church.

The Groupe Justice and Libération focuses its activities in the following thematic priorities;

  • Popular Education for Human Rights, Democracy and Peace;
  • Education for Human Rights, Democracy and Peace in the secondary and primary schools;
  • Promotion of specific rights of people with disabilities;
  • Monitoring of violations of human rights and Observatory of prisons and hospitals.