La Bande Vidéo (Quebec)

La Bande Vidéo is a center of creation and research in media arts involved in the emergence of a contemporary videographic culture. By stimulating the creation and exchange between authors, we aim to renew the videographic discourse and practice so that the medium can evolve with its own particularities and differences. La Bande Vidéo acts as a motivator in that it helps artists find funding to pursue their personal projects, offers them the production, but also the promotion and diffusion tools for their work and encourages them to have a reflection on it. La Bande Vidéo also coordinates since eighteen years Vidéaste Recherché(e), a festival dedicated to media arts practice.

Our mandate is defined as:

  • support the production and diffusion of independent media art works;
  • support research and experimentation;
  • create a place for reflection on video images;
  • encourage the development of an original videographic language and inherent to the medium;
  • support the development of a new generation.