La SurDA (Chile)


The Surda is a movement with a history of almost two decades. Born in the early nineties, in the context of the agreed transition between military dictatorship and the concertation elite, arising mainly from political groups to end university magazine the journal Surda, where they tried to address the widely unpopular political context which surrounded the "return to democracy", and also, a thorough review of the defeats and failures of the left of the twentieth century. More concretely, it created autonomy spaces at many universities across the country, which began to form majorities and governments run by students of Surda. The Surda also has an influence in certain sectors of the labor movement (SINAMI, FENPRUSS) and efforts at territorial level, who have chosen to build and support the process of "making Peñalolén", the first taking of the land mass of people at the time of the Popular Unity.