Municipalidad de Lota Desarrollo Comunitario (Chile)

participatory democraty

The town of Lota is recognized nationally and internationally, resulting in a heritage in the province of Concepcion. It is famous for its model of participatory management in co-management with public and private actors, his work articulated agreements at national level with many municipalities, to provide quality services and use of technology information and communication for citizens. Their staff is attentive, highly qualified, competent, innovative, creative and identified with the institution and the city. The town of Lota is the organ of local government and their actions are guided by the Global Development Plan. Its main roles are to represent the population by strengthening democratic participation, to provide quality services and promote economic performance, social and environmental through an accountable and transparent management of public resources. It articulates the efforts of public sector institutions, private and international cooperation under a co-management model.