Pakistan Peace Coalition (PPC)

Pakistan Peace Coalition (PPC)

In August and September 1998, a Working Group consisting of I. A. Rehman, Beena Sarwar, Shahtaj Qizilbash, Karamat Ali, B. M. Kutty, M. B. Naqvi, Omar Asghar Khan, Jennifer Bennet, Zafarullah Khan and Saeed Ahmed met in Islamabad to discuss the futurestrategies for the peace movement in Pakistan.

The responsibility to resist mass violence, conflict and death, and to seek out support of civil society in the renewal of faith in life and peace led to the formation of a national body, Pakistan Peace Coalition (PPC) with the commitment:

  • To oppose nuclear weapons in all forms and in all countries, rejecting weapons of mass destruction and nuclear deterrence as legitimate ways of achieving national security;
  • To seek global nuclear disarmament, and for this purpose cooperate with and seek support from movements, organisations and groups elsewhere in the world that are engaged in this pursuit;
  • To pursue, as an immediate measure, nuclear disarmament and peace in the region of South Asia, and for this purpose join hands with the regional movements and organisations working for this goal;
  • To press upon the Pakistani state to reduce defence expenditure in order to promote human development;
  • To counter the increasing trends of intolerance and violence in Pakistani society.

The PPC and its component organisations plan to creatively use the means of print, electronic and audio-visual technology as well as the medium of theatre to:

  • Enhance public awareness of the horrors of the use of nuclear and other weapons of mass destruction.
  • Highlight the negative consequences of war and dividends of peace
  • Increase public access to information about peace and related issues and build a constituency for peace.