Sanayee Development Organization (Afghanistan)

Sanayee Development Organization (SDO) is a registered Afghan development non-governmental organization. Established in 1990, SDO has been serving vulnerable and disadvantaged people in the sectors of education, peace building, community development and community health, in remote and underserved rural areas of Afghanistan. SDO’s service delivery is based on honesty, commitment, equality, the promotion of peace & non-violence and respect for the Islamic values and positive culture of our people.


SDO’s participatory and community-based approaches to development single out SDO as one of the leading peace and development agencies in Afghanistan. Given the strong commitment and diligence of SDO’s professional staff members, SDO has been able to implement complex and challenging rural development programs with a high standard of quality. In spite of all the challenges and difficulties in the areas SDO are working, SDO staff members perform their assigned tasks successfully, and work hard to contribute positively towards the organizational vision, goals and mission.


We take pride in proclaiming that SDO has received expressions of satisfaction from all the stakeholders of its programs and projects, in particular donor organizations, the government of Afghanistan and most importantly, the people of the communities in which we work.