Service d’Appui au Développement Régional Intégré (SADRI)-DCR


The SADRI is the development arm of the Church of Christ in Congo in Katanga Province. With 13 full-time officers including 3 women, SADRI runs a program to build peace around the following:

  • The control of natural resources and the impact of their exploitation for the benefit of local people ;
  • The coexistence of communities (ethnic and tribal) indigenous and those from elsewhere ;
  • The public participation in local governance.

Activities carried out for the construction of peace:

  • The community reconciliation and Katanga kasaïnnes Likasi and surrounding
  • The formation of nucleus of peace on the techniques of peaceful conflict resolution
  • Installation of 10 committees peacemakers:

- Likasi and surrounding six committees

-Kolwezi, a committee

-Bukama, a committee

-Kilwa, a committee

-Ankoro, a committee

  • Awareness of political leaders about the risks of division and hate speech during the tribal election.