Sociedad cultural La Carreta Teatro (Chile)


Founded in July 1984 with the aim of connecting, disseminate, promote and develop the theater, culture and arts in Chilean society and mainly in the poorest social groups. La Carreta realizes "Extension Theatre" through which they made more than 20 theater productions of copyright, adaptation or collective creation. It has a training programs that lead to the creation of theater groups, especially youth and women heads of households. It offers technical assistance for teacher training and the theater management. Moreover, it produces cultural events such as theatrical art roaming, performs graphic design and the advertisement of the street. The group "La Carreta" promotes, disseminates, develops, encourages and promotes culture through theater, art, and all expressions of human beings at all levels in society. In this way, it creates and generates policies, programs and projects that encourage and contribute to the promotion of identity, the proper use of leisure time, the strengthening and growth of social organization and training of the community, so active, participatory and horizontal .