Solidarité Entre Nous (SEN)-Republic of the Congo

coordination, solidarity

In its desire to both coordinate and monitor the work of NGOs, the Government of the Democratic Republic of Congo created by Presidential Decree of 18 May 1998 a non-governmental organization called Solidarité Entre Nous. It aims:

  • To rehabilitate and strengthen solidarity among Congolese;
  • To promote autonomous capacities to improve social, economic and cultural affairs.

The NGO Solidarité Entre Nous receives from the Congolese government a mandate to serve as a liaison between, on one hand, the government and local NGOs, and, on the other hand, organizations and international development agencies and humanitarian assistance. Solidarité Entre Nous has the following responsibilities:

  • Coordination of humanitarian assistance and development aid for the Congo;
  • Coordination of national and international NGOs and their activities to effectively contribute to the achievement of national development programs;
  • Assess the relevance of their programs and interventions;
  • Provide guidance, the channel and monitor the performance of their activities;
  • Reconstruction of solidarity among the Congolese.