South Asia Forum for Human Rights (Nepal)

South Asia Forum for Human Rights (SAFHR) - Nepal

In the strife torn region of South Asia, SAFHR is committed to the promotion of the inter linkages between human rights, peace and substantive democracy. SAFHR is a human rights organization with 'peace as value' as its cornerstone. Peace is understood as a space for the enjoyment of the rights of all peoples. It is not simply the absence of war or the management of crisis but a fundamental value to be integrated in all programmes for realizing peoples’ security - that is, security of food, shelter, health and livelihood in a non-hegemonic democratic regional order. It is this perspective which animates SAFHR’s flagship programme – Human Rights and Peace Studies Orientation Course.  

SAFHR’s other programmes address some of the core concerns of the human rights and peace agenda –displacement of indigenous peoples and minorities, refugees and migrants, impunity, inter-state and intra-state conflicts and peace accords, militarization and the strengthening of peace constituencies in civil society.