Togolese Diaspora for Democracy (DIASTODE)

On May 28th, 1995, was created the Togolese Diaspora for the Democracy (DIASTODE), an external group dedicated to the promotion and defense of democracy in Togo.

Objectives of the DIASTODE:

  • Inform the Togolese Community of the evolution of the political situation in Togo;
  • Inform the public in their respective countries (political parties, unions, lobbies, religious and non-religious associations.);
  • Offer its moral and political support to the democratic movement;
  • Put its competencies towards serving the cause of democracy;
  • Mobilize the financial resources to uphold the democratic process and to finance the alternative projects in Togo;
  • Propose actions to mobilize democratic forces;
  • Take care of relations with people who are morally and physically disposed to uphold the initiatives for the respect of human rights, the re-appropriation and the reinforcement of the democratic process towards a lawful state in Togo;
  • Defend national unity and oppose any ethnocentric, racist and/or exclusive ideology;
  • Help in the development of activities of local democratic associations;
  • Support, on a reciprocal basis, actions of other resources and associations working for freedom, and towards lawful states and for democracy in African countries and around the world.