Voices-Voix (Canada)

Voices-Voix - Canada

Alternatives is  a proud member of Voices-Voix, a coalition of Canadian organizations working together to advance participatory democracy through the promotion of free speech, active citizenship, and responsible government. The Voices-Voix coalition is open to all Canadian organizations. Different organizations propose different actions. The Voices-Voix Declaration was the coalition's first collective act in the summer of 2010.

Voices-Voix began in April 2010, when over 100 representatives of organizations from Canadian civil society gathered in Ottawa to discuss attacks by the federal government on free speech, democratic space, and open public debate of government policy. These organizations work for a wide range of goals including democracy, respect for the law, human rights – especially those of women and ethnic/religious minorities, a healthy environment, local and international development, the advancement of Canada’s First Nations, and peace. They agreed to work together for a Canada where the law is respected, democracy thrives, and Canadians are free to say what they believe without fear of reprisal.