Caroline Gros

Agronome de formation, Caroline a travaillé dans le domaine du développement agricole à l'international.
Apres 10 ans passés en Afrique, elle a rejoint l’équipe d’Alternatives en tant qu’agent de recherche, rédaction et financement, afin de concevoir, planifier et rédiger des projets visant à répondre aux besoins et aux droits politiques, économiques, sociaux et culturels fondamentaux des populations.

David Hernandez, Strategic Development

David Hernandez holds a Ph. D. in urban studies and has worked at the international level in the planning and development of both research and development projects. His work has been mainly related to social movements, public policies, citizen participation and citizen security in Latin America and Canada. On these topics, he has managed and lead different projects and lectured in different universities.

Myriam Cloutier, Communications and Mobilization Project Officer

Myriam Cloutier has a degree in International Relations and International Law and Journalism. She developed a keen interest in social justice issues and advocacy through, among other things, internships and visits in Mexico, Colombia and Mali. She is interested in socially aware media as a form of political action and has collaborated on various projects in documentary and community radio. She has also worked as communications manager in the community and cultural sectors.

Marianne A. Laliberté, Internship program assistant

Holder of a bachelor in International Relations and International Law, and a masters in Fundamental Rights, Marianne has followed a pathway leading her to combine her interest for economic, social and cultural rights and citizen participation, conducting human rights education workshops for various organizations. Throughout her experiences, she has developed a keen interest in indigenous rights and access to justice, two questions she intends to put forward while working at Alternatives. She now works on the internship program together with Eve.

Eve Bélanger, Youth Programs

She started with a first internship with us in the year 2000 and then joined our team in various positions including as the Youth Program Coordinator while being in charge of the women's committee, given support to the 2001 Peoples Summit and various world social forums; in Brazil and Senegal. Young people and human rights are issues that are very important to her, which is why she has also done some groundwork in different parts of the world, such as in Africa, Latin America, and Asia, on social reintegration and cultural projects.

Jimmy Lynch, Technician

Jimmy Lynch has worked as a technician with Alternatives since 1997. From simultaneous translation to fundraising, managing the database and organizing events, his role at Alternatives is to give technical assistance to project leaders and to the entire team.  If you have questions about simultaneous interpretation equipment rental or you would like to make a donation, he awaits your call.

Marcela Escribano, Latin America and the Caribbean

As a co-founder of Alternatives, Marcela Escribano has been largely responsible for projects in Latin American and the Caribbean. She has been working in this region for years - encouraging social organizations to network and connect with citizens - most notably in Brazil, where she worked for two years as a mobilization advisor for the Minister of Environment and the United Nations Development Program.

Yasmina Moudda, Administration

Having been the captain of Algeria’s National basketball team, Yasmina Moudda has traveled extensively throughout the world. Her international experiences allowed her to see firsthand the social inequalities and the injustice ravaging the countries that she visited. Consequently, she became motivated to join Alternatives in April 1998 in order to work with an organization that fights to reduce poverty and eradicate such injustices. She is particularly concerned with issues related to women’s rights in Muslim countries.

Feroz Mehdi, South Asia and Middle-East

Feroz Mehdi is one of the founding members of Alternatives and has been working largely on projects related to South Asia. In addition, he has been focused on education programs within Quebec and Canada by way of organizing conferences and publishing newsletters and other analytical documents. Since 2007, he has taken on the role of Secretary General of Alternatives International. The federation of AlterInter has 9 member organizations from Canada, France, Brazil, Israel, Palestine, South Africa, Niger, India and Morocco.

Khadija Mounib, Immigration and Employment Services

Khadija Mounib works in the field of new immigrant employability. An former economics student, she has studied in Morocco, France and Canada. At the end of her studies in France, she established herself in Morocco, where she worked in various fields. In 1993, she immigrated to Canada, where she currently resides. Khadija Mounib is the author of several articles on the problems of immigrant integration within Canadian cultural communities and has held several conferences on the subject. After going through the immigration process herself, she joined the Alternatives’ team in 1997.

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