International Internships

Each year, more than 60 young people pursue an internship through Alternatives with one of our partners overseas. In this way, Alternatives participates in engaging public solidarity with communities in the South. Constructing on our young people’s aptitudes in the field of journalism, the environment and information and communications technologies or organizational development, Alternatives’ internships place emphasis on social action and a sophisticated understanding of the realities of countries in the South, in order to disseminate Alternatives’ mandate to promote global justice and equality. Alternatives’ internships program offers meaningful and innovative opportunities for people who are interested in community organizing, international solidarity and human rights. Our interns undertake projects with our partners that allow them to: develop a dynamic website, create networks, produce community media reports or participate in putting into place a local environment project.

Chad, Morocco , Niger, South Africa: "Rummage Afrika": Internship in information technology and communications

Internship Opportunity


Training specifically on working with information technology and communications (ICT) in developing countries. Trainees must attend in their efforts local agencies to build and disseminate knowledge regarding information technology and telecommunications.

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