Middle East and North Africa

Cyber Security in the Maghreb and Machrek region

In many countries in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) as elsewhere in the world, monitoring email and internet activity, content filtering, cyber attacks against certain websites and internet service interruption are all techniques used to limit freedom of expression, manipulate information and suppress dissent.

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Feroz Mehdi

Supporting Women Journalists, Citizen Journalists and Human Rights Defenders

In the Maghreb and Mashrek region, women journalists and citizen reporters play an important role in advancing human rights, particularly the rights of women, girls and other marginalized populations.  Because of the nature of the issues they are addressing, and simply because of being women, they face daily threats to their safety and wellbeing.

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Feroz Mehdi

Sudan: Democracy


This project took place when the military dictatorship was increasing its repression, particularly against the people of South Sudan, in reaction to the rise of a democratic opposition that was quickly gathering strength. It was therefore necessary to take action against the arms trade that was enabling the dictatorship to persist, while refugees, displaced persons, women and children were in growing need of support.


1996 - 1998

Welcome Palestine

Given the failure of diplomacy, the apathy of the international community and Canada’s refusal to recognize the rights of the Palestinian population, it is our responsibility as citizens to act to put an end to the isolation and violence imposed on the Palestinians by Israel.

From April 15-21, more than 1,000 people from around the world will journey to Bethlehem to help build the International School of Palestine, to meet with Palestinian civil society organizations and to observe the checkpoints along the separation wall erected by Israel.

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Stéphan Corriveau, info@bienvenuepalestine.ca

Afghanistan: Peace and Rebuilding

Strengthening civil society

Afghanistan is going through a long-term, compound crisis situation. Over twenty years of war have forced more than 3.5 million people to seek refuge in neighbouring countries. The crisi is multifacetted and the entire region is struggling with ethnic tensions and blatants cases of human rights violation, not to mention the steep inequalities between men and women.


Tammuz Organization for Social Development (TOSD)

The Tammuz Organization for Social Development (TOSD) was founded in northern Iraq in 1997 under the name Al-Wafaa Association. In May 2003, it opened an office in Baghdad and currently has six other offices across the country: in Erbil, Dhi Qar, Babylon, Missan, Basra and Anbar. The organization supports community health, education, professional training and public consultation programs, as well as research and assessment programs.

Moroccan Organization for Human Rights

The Moroccan Organization for Human Rights (OMDH) is one of Morocco's largest organizations. Most of its work is devoted to the issues of political detention, torture and human rights awareness.

Iraqi Organization for Athletic Development

The Iraqi Organization for Athletic Development promotes secular and humanitarian values through sports. Adult volunteers come together to organise recreational or competitive sports for kids and teens. The activities are nonsectarian and particularly encourage athletic opportunities for girls.

A People’s Rights for Culture and Media (Iraq)

A People's Rights for Culture and Media is a new NGO that collaborates with the Al-Nass radio station in Baghdad in order to develop new platforms to educate citizens and encourage freedom of expression by means of the radio.


Iraqi Rising Women (Femmes irakiennes debout)

"Iraqi Rising Women" is an NGO founded in April of 2003. They work to educate women on their rights and to strengthen a pluralistic and national feminist movement. The NGO focuses its actions on women in impoverished urban areas and supports many Iraqi women's organizations.

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