Human Dignity

Civil Society Internet Portal in the Democratic REpublic of the Congo

Officially launched by Alternatives in Kinshasa in March 2003, the Civil Society Internet Portal in DRC remains today the virtual meeting place for Congolese civil society organizations. It offers the benefits of a dynamic Internet presence to all civil society networks and organizations, and at the same time helps develop civil society organizations, their actions and their ideas.

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Michel Lambert

Employment Assistance Service for Immigrants

For immigrants and newcomers to Québec!

Alternatives offers employment assistance services to immigrants and newcomers of all origins. The objective of these services is to facilitate the transition to employment, to help understand the mechanisms, rules and the general functioning of Québec's labour environment, to help newcomers gain work experiences and to facilitate access to and use of collective services.

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Haiti: Youth Development Through Art

In October 2010, Haitian NGO APROSIFA (with the support of Alternatives) invited the Montreal-based hip hop super group Nomadic Massive to come to Port Au Prince and conduct arts workshops with young aspiring artists living in the neighborhood of Carrefour Feuilles. As an exercise both in empowerment and healing, the week of workshops resulted in a unique and powerful learning experience for both Nomadic Massive and the participants.


Take Back the Tech! 2010

 From November 25 to December 10, Take Back The Tech! calls on women and men to take control of technology to protect the right to freedom of expression and information. Since it began in 2006, campaigners in more than 30 countries have used the internet, mobile phones, radio and more to document and fight violence against women. Get creative! Explore technology! Defend women's rights! 


Women's rights under threat online and offline

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Union Training in Honduras and Nicaragua

This project offers workers in Honduras and Nicaragua greater autonomy through the creation of dynamic participation. The objective is to create a training program in order to reinforce the governing capacity of union organizations in these countries. The project also aims to encourage union organizations to confront the challenges of regional integration in favor of women’s participation in the work force.

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Marcela Escribano ; 514-982-6606 p.2294

Urban Agriculture in Haiti

Alternative’s Rooftop Garden Project is working in partnership with APROSIFA, the Association for the Promotion of Integrated Family Health, to install an urban agriculture initiative in Port-aux-Prince. This CIDA funded project is designed to address both the short and long term food security needs of residents of the neighbourhood of Carrefour Feuilles.

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Marcela Escribano

Sudan: Citizen Participation

We supported the Sudanese people in their struggle to support a democratic, equal and prosperous nation. Our objective was to favor increased participation of Sudanese civil society to improve the country’s situation in terms of human rights, poverty and equality between men and women.

For example, we worked to reinforce the networking of non-governmental organizations who strive to encourage citizen participation in the economic, political and social development of their country.

2006 - 2009
Contact Person & Details: 
Bashir Abdelgayoum

DRC: Training of women workers of UNTC

From 2001 to 2005, the CSN initiated a project in Congo aimed at helping women workers, which added 20,000 female members to the UNTC, the national union of Congolese workers (Union nationale des travailleurs du Congo).

2007 - 2008
Contact Person & Details: 
Michel Lambert ; (514) 982-6606 x2001

Niger: Public Education

We supported the association Alternative Citizen Spaces, an apolitical non-profit organization that strives for a future society founded on human rights, equality for women and men, preservation of the environment and advancement of youth. Alternative Citizen Spaces offered education programs on citizenship particularly through their radio base in Niamey and its study circles established throughout the region.

Morocco: Internet Portals and Youth

We supported the creation and launching of a web portal that offered online visibility to local and regional organizations of Maghreb and Mashrek. This portal:

  • Permitted the creation of international networking amongst its members;
  • Offered online access to its members who were easily able to publish articles and analyze them without the fear of government censorship.


We also supported the introduction of democratic education and citizenship for Moroccan youth.

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