The Organization of Tammuz for Social Development (Iraq)

Organization of Tammuz for Social Development

The Organization of Tammuz for Social Development was established under the name of Al Wafaa Association in Northern Iraq in 1997. It opened its Baghdad Office in May 2003 and currently maintains regional offices in Erbil in Northern Iraq and in Basra in Southern Iraq as well. It works on community based medical, education, health, vocational training, public dialogue and research and assessment programs. During the last election process, Tammuz organized 5,600 volunteer election monitors who were active in observing the election at many polling stations throughout the country and reporting violations of the Election Law. It is affiliated to the Arab NGO Network, the Mine Removal Organization and IKNN. It has worked in partnership with international organizations such as: Frederich Ebert (Germany); Norwegian People’s Aid (Norway); Olaf Palme and ABF (Sweden); Save the Children Fund and Prisoner of Conscience Appeal Fund (UK); Bridge to Baghdad (Italy); CARE (Holland) and Organization for Kids, Counterpart and I-Help (US).