Your support for Alternatives is an act of solidarity with national and international social movements, and a way to contribute to initiatives that have a direct impact on the lives of thousands of people. Thanks to your donations, Alternatives has been able to engage in the struggles for a healthy global environment and for democracy and human dignity worldwide.

As a non-governmental organization, Alternatives relies on the financial support of individuals, philanthropists, businesses, unions and a number of governments to continue the work it started in 1994. Please visit our Success and Projects pages to learn more about our past achievements. Below is more information about how your support makes a difference.



You will receive a charity receipt for any $15 or more donation. Our charity number is : 141169086RR0001



Alternatives will not trade, exchange, sell or distribute to any other party your e-mail or phone number.  We keep this information only to communicate directly with you and to send you your charity receipt.

Secure transactions

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Who can give to Alternatives?

Alternatives accepts donations from individuals, companies, unions, philanthropists, other organizations and governments.

Why should I donate to Alternatives?

As an individual donor, your financial support connects you locally, nationally and internationally to those who are acting in solidarity for a more just, democratic, and healthy global community. Your charitable donations will directly improve the well-being of disadvantaged communities and developing societies world-wide, as our projects have been doing since 1994.

As a business, supporting Alternatives allows you to share your profits in a socially responsible way. We also encourage ethical companies to advertise in our media, and sponsor our specific events and projects.

As a union, you know you will be supporting an organization that has been dedicated to workers’ rights since its inception, and continues to speak up for the working class both here at home and abroad.

As a philanthropist, you can choose to support specific projects and events, or make donations to Alternatives as a whole.

How are my donations used?

Internationally: Alternatives works on projects in Latin America, the Caribbean, Africa, the Middle East and in Asia. These projects aim to promote climate justice, democracy, and the dignity of people. These projects are done with local partner organizations, and their specific focus varies from issues of food security, to worker's cooperatives, to women’s rights and responsible democratic media. Most of Alternatives’ budget goes towards these international solidarity projects. Please see our Projects and Successes pages for more details.

Nationally: Alternatives actively participates in the public debate on issues relating to the well-being of Quebeckers, Canadians, and peoples in other countries. We participate by taking a clear stand in favour of climate justice and environmental rights, genuine citizen-based democracy, and solidarity with those who are suffering injustice at the hands of unethical governments and corporations. We take this stand through our public awareness and information campaigns, which involves organizing debates, seminars, and conferences. We also take this stand in our media – the Journal des Alternatives (French only) and the Alternatives International Journal (English only), which seek to offer opinions that are under-represented in mainstream media. When you donate to Alternatives, you allow us to continue this contribution to the public debate. You stand with us. You speak with us. You raise your voice with us on behalf of a better world.

Locally: Here in Montreal, Alternatives has two major ongoing projects that benefit directly from your support, and are aimed at improving the lives of Montreal’s residents: We have run a highly successful and award-winning urban agriculture project since 2003. We offer an employability service for new immigrants, which helps them find work and integrate into local society. The public debates and conferences we organize to raise awareness about social, environmental and economic justice are geared to residents of Montreal and occasionally towards residents of other cities in Quebec and Canada. When you donate to Alternatives, your contributions help make our city greener, our new residents happier, and our governments more responsible.

Empowering Youth: Each year, Alternatives sends around 30 young Quebeckers and Canadians to do internships with our overseas partners. A number of these internships are funded by Quebec’s Minister for International Relations and other government partners. However, we could not run our internship program without covering numerous other operating costs to the organization such as administration and communications. Your financial support allows Alternatives to cover some of these costs, and thus to keep offering young people the chance of a fantastic educational experience in a developing country where their contributions are greatly appreciated. You can check out the Internship page for more information.

Administration and other costs: Alternatives has operating costs that vary from year to year, depending on the number of projects, campaigns, and activities we are able to organize and execute. All of this information is available for every year we have existed, in our Annual Reports. You can see these reports, amongst others, on our Reports page.

Are my donations tax-deductible?

Yes. Alternatives is a registered charity, and you will receive a tax deduction for your donation. If you give monthly donations, your tax deduction will be for the total of what you gave over the fiscal year (January 1st to December 31st). We will mail you everything you need to get your tax deduction at tax time.

What is the best way to give?

 1. Become a Member

 The best way to donate is to become a member of Alternatives.

2. Make a One-Time Gift

Many of our supporters, including other organizations, unions, companies, and philanthropists, support us with one-time gifts. Often these come once a year. There is no limit to the amount of your gift. To make a one-time tax-deductable gift, simpl

  • Call us at 514-982-6606 or toll free 1-800-982-6646
  • Download, print and fill out this form and send it with a cheque to Alternatives at: 3720 Park Avenue, office 300 ; Montréal QC, Canada ; H2X 2J1. (Do not send cash by mail)

3. Making a Gift of Property, Real Estate or Through a Will

Gifts of property such as real estate, securities or stock can be donated to Alternatives. You can also name Alternatives as a beneficiary to an existing life insurance policy, or you can transfer ownership and receive a tax credit for the cash surrender value. A donation to Alternatives can also be done through your will. For more information, contact us at 514-982-6606 or toll free 1-800-982-6646. 

4. Be Creative!

  • Remember Alternatives when looking for a gift idea for a birthday, anniversary or holiday
  • Honor someone in a special way by contributing to Alternatives
  • Raise money for Alternatives at your workplace, school or faith community
  • Call us to discuss your ideas at 514-982-6606 or 1-800-982-6646