How Deep Will You Dig??

From North to South, the people of the world are rejecting this false development.

Extractivism is a development model based on the over-exploitation of the land's non-renewable resources for export. This model favours the "rights" of mining enterprises and, for the most part, barely considers the well-being of the local population. Extractivism devours potable water, involves the most dangerous chemical processes possible, and is developed to the detriment of ecosystems, putting the local population at risk. Worse yet, these States and their populations are the ones who will have to rehabilitate the damaged landscape after the operations have finished.

Globally, three out of four mining companies are Canadian as Canada's lax regulations favour the industry. While Canadian diplomacy actively supports mining companies abroad, we now see international aid money being rerouted in ways that support further 'extractivist' development.

Alternatives supports local populations who struggle against the devastating effects of this industry on their land.

Download the page of the DEVOIR published September 25th, 2013 on the battle against extractivism.

Listen to the story "Solidarity in Action" from the Alternatives radio journal of October 2nd, 2013 to learn even more.