Coopeortega (Costa Rica)

environment, cooperation

Coopeortega conduct an effective environmental management in the area of ​​the lower Tempisque, where his work focuses on the establishment, administration and management of biological corridors. The biological corridor establishes wetlands surrounding join communities of Ortega and Bolson, with , on one hand, the official status of Wildlife Refuge through the participation of property owners who make up the protected area and, on the other hand, the support program for environmental services and other incentives. Communities of Bolson and Ortega are fully immersed in the execution of cooperation projects, because most people are associated with the cooperative. Besides it has also an environmental component, with the productive component (fund turnover), which allows for greater involvement of partners. The project will improve the administrative and technical capacity of the organization, which in turn lead to better performance of their environmental activities and production, which will have a multiplier effect for partners.