Association culturelle d’auto-promotion éducative et sociale (Senegal)

ACAPES is linked to the government of the Republic of Senegal by a protocol of agreements signed on 25 June 1985 as a Non Governmental Organization (NGO) and has a consultative status of NGO within the ECOSOC of the United Nations. The advent of a world where the mechanisms of social relations are based on solidarity and commitment to fight against all forms of exclusion, poverty and abuse on the rise is multifaceted cultural vision of ACAPES.

Its mission and objectives are:

  • contribute to sustainable human development through;
  • the promotion of civic education;
  • the emergence of new solidarities;
  • building a social movement support and solidarity independent and credible;
  • promote global education and training adapted to the context of evolving to meet the development needs;
  • participate in ensuring the right to life of communities through education, risk prevention and harm reduction in health, hygiene and environmental;
  • contribute to the emergence of a new cultural dynamics based on the promotion of diversity through convergence;
  • encourage a new citizenship based on the internalization of the principles of democratization, promotion of human rights, prevention of non-violent conflict;
  • promote exchanges, cooperation and integration between communities and nations and strengthening self-respecting differences and socio cultural;
  • empowering the social movement for the confirmation of options professionalism and good governance for the emergence of a leadership committed to meeting the challenges.