Association pour la Taxation des Transactions financières et pour l’Action Citoyenne (ATTAC-Québec)

ATTAC-Québec makes a work of outreach and action for fiscal justice, against tax havens and to impose a tax on financial transactions to curb speculation and build a fund for development assistance. In 2003-2004, ATTAC campaigned against the General Agreement on Trade in Services (GATS/WTO), which is part of a vast international mobilization of many social actors demanding a moratorium on the GATS and the absolute exclusion of public services of its perimeter. Within the coordinating table Cap World, the association has actively participated in the creation of Citizen Information Brigades (CIB).

Since 2009, ATTAC-Québec monitors the negotiations of the Canada-European Union Comprehensive Economic & Trade Agreement (CETA). It has worked to publicize the content and implications of this agreement for the citizens and organizations concerned with free trade.

ATTAC-Québec is a member of the ATTAC international network, Quebec Network on Continental Integration (RQIC), the Coalition Against User Fees and the Privatization of Public Services, the group Échec aux paradis fiscaux, the Trade Justice Network , Quebec Social Forum and the Coalition Eau Secours!

Campaigns, trainings, conferences, publications, annual workshops, evenings of popular education, and participation in various events and demonstrations are among the activities of the association.