Café Graffiti (Montreal)

The Café Graffiti’s mission is to provide a living environment for youth. They can gather together to discuss and find a sympathetic ear to their needs. In addition, the Café Graffiti ensure the professional recognition of young artists while helping them to fight against their exclusion.

Some young people come to Café Graffiti to socialize, get to know each others and take their place in society. Others come to practice on the dance floor to improve their breakdancing skills, others use the room to paint and express themselves through song or music. This mix of people from all backgrounds, of different talents, is the essence of Café Graffiti. Together, these emerging artists provoke a stimulating creative energy. Facing this creative overflow, Café Graffiti supports these young people to export their talent. In presenting their work or their performances in front of a growing audience, those young artists can taste recognition while being paid.