National Association of Canadians of Origins in India

The National Association of Canadians of Origins in India (NACOI) represents people whose ethnic origins, by birth, ancestry or marriage, can be traced back to the Indian subcontinent. NACOI's constituency, a significant component of Canada's diverse ethnic mix, comes from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, and includes people of Indian ancestry from numerous countries in Africa, Asia, the Caribbean and elsewhere. They are all united by a common history and a shared desire to make Canada their home.

The number of Indo-Canadians has grown significantly in both urban and rural regions of Canada. The problems that confronted many members of this community in their attempts to integrate into Canadian society were compounded as they faced the enormous task of adjusting into a new social and cultural environment. Learning a new language, adapting to new cultural values and norms, re-creating a community of support and facing the ever-increasing problems of unemployment and underemployment created enormous stresses and strains on individuals, the families and the community. Systemic discrimination and racism greatly impeded the ability of these communities to fully realize their potential. The community needed a common national voice to articulate their issues and concerns and facilitate their integration and full participation in Canadian society. These needs led to the formation of NACOI.


Aims and Objectives:

-encourage Canadians of origins in India to participate fully in Canadian society;

-provide a national voice to Canadians of origins in India;

-provide a forum for the exchange of ideas, issues and common concerns;

-facilitate communication within the community and with other organizations;

-ensure and protect the rights of Canadians of origins in India;

-formulate guidelines for improving the collective image of Canadians of origins in India;

-ensure due recognition of the contributions made to Canada by Canadians of origins in India;

-encourage the establishment of centres for the delivery of programs and services to meet the needs of Canadians of origins in India.