Brazil, Chile, Morocco and Niger: International Internships For Young Canadian Journalists

Internship Opportunity


The objective of this internship was to provide recent graduates with the opportunity to acquire valuable work experience in the fields of communication and journalism. The oversees portion of the project also permitted the interns to become integrated in a completely different social context and to gain a better understanding of the challenges faced by developing societies. Furthermore, the internship offered tangible support to Alternatives’ local partner organizations in Morocco, Chile, Niger and Brazil. 


Before their departure the interns were required to undergo a training process to become familiar with the various social, political and economic circumstances in the countries in which they worked. They also participated in some of Alternatives media projects and organized several financial campaigns to raise money for the project. Finally, the interns put to use their theoretical learning in a working environment by participating in communications-based internships in Montreal. 

On the Ground

The interns played a significant role in the development of Alternatives’ local partner organizations abroad by taking part in research initiatives, in producing clips for local radio stations, and in helping the organizations improve their promotional tools and means of communication. 

Finally, the trainees also partook in development initiatives dedicated to addressing social issues,  and ameliorating the stark political and economic disparities present in the communities in which they worked. 

Upon Their Return

The trainees were required to partake in a 6 week period of reintegration following the internship. During this process the interns completed reports on the projects they had undertaken overseas, and produced radio programs and portfolios based on the knowledge and work experience they had gained abroad. These articles were then published in the monthly Alternatives newspaper. In addition, a debriefing session was organized to provide tools for the interns future job searches.

Number of Interns



Two Internships lasting 3 months each (December to February 2000-2001 and February to May 2001)