Ecuador: documentaries on the traditional means of subsistence of the aboriginal Tsa’chila community

Internship Opportunity

Type of internshipQuébec Sans Frontières     
Phase Universal
Sector : Communications

Country: Ecuador
Region: Santo Domingo de Los Colorados

Partner in EcuadorAsociación Cristiana de Jovenes del Ecuador (ACJ)

ACJ Ecuador is an organization of the civil society fighting for social change, development and human rights in Ecuador. ACJ is a volunteer and ecumenical movement that belongs to the YMCA international movement.

Québécois Partner: The YMCAs of Québec

Objectives of the internship:

-Promote the Tsa’chila traditional means of subsistence by developing the use of videos as an outreach tool.
-Develop the use of means of communication within the youth community of Tsa’chila ;
-Enable interns to develop practical cultural education knowledge in the field of communication for development.

Activities during the internship :

-Organise meetings of project planification with young people from the Tsa’chila aboriginal community and the ACJ members ;
-Conduct a participatory research to prepare films on the thematics identified by the Tsa’Chila community : sustainable fisheries, health tourism (herbal medicinal products), cultural change related to economical development, the economical development of the Tsa’Chila woman ;
-In collaboration with the ACJ members and the Tsa’Chila youth community, write documentary films and planify their production ;
-Film and create 4 documentary films on the previously mentionned themes. In collaboration with the ACJ members and the Tsa’chila community youth ;
-Create awareness-raising workshops on the Tsa’chila traditional means of subsistence among the Ecuadorian community.

Number of participants: 7 interns and one coach


Responsible in charge of internship programme :

Mélanie Hughes
(514) 982-6606 extansion 2237