Young Ecuadorians in action: Communication and citizen participation of youth in Portoviejo

Internship Opportunity

Type of internship: Québec Sans Frontières    
Available to : Those who meet QSF's Universel criteria
Sector : Communications

Country : Ecuador
Region: Portoviejo

Travel in Ecuador: June 5th to August 19th, 2014

Ecuadorian Partner : Asociación Cristiana de Jovenes del Ecuador (ACJ)

ACJ Ecuador is a non-governmental organization working towards social change and development and the defense of civil rights in Ecuador. ACJ is an ecumenical and volunteer-based movement under the international YMCA movement.

Québec Partner : Les YMCA du Québec

Goals of the internship :

Help young Ecuadorians in the Portoviejo community (aged 15-29) become more autonomous.

Specific goals :

  • Familiarise more than 25 marginalised youth in the Portoviejo community with communication tools, allowing them to positively influence the social, cultural and political development of their community.
  • Improve the Ecuadorian population's perception of its youth, especially the marginalised youth in the Portoviejo community.

Specific goals related to the Québécois interns :

  • Allow ten young Québécois interns to experience an enriching cultural opportunity in the context of international solidarity.
  • Develop the knowledge and skills of ten young Québébcois interns in the domain of communications and reinforce their capacity to instruct others in these domains.

Activities prior to departure (training and fundraising) :

  • Pre-departure training (radio and techniques) : November 1st to June 5th, 2014
  • Fundraising of $1500 before departure (done collectively and individually)

Activities :
Training program for youth of the Portoviejo community in Ecuador, in order to familiarise them with communication tools including video, radio (traditional and internet-based). The internship consists of the four following components:

  • Development and planning of work with the ACJ and the youth in the affected communities.
  • Youth training in basic radio and video techniques.
  • Production and post-production of autovisual tools, including an internet radio station.
  • Diffusion of the finished programs, launch of the internet radio station and evaluations of participation in the program.

Admissibility criteria :

  • Canadian citizen or permanent resident
  • Resident of Québec for at least one year
  • Age between 18 (on date of departure) and 35 (on date of registration)
  • Not having already participated in a QSF internship for prior 6 weeks

Number of participants : 9 interns and 1 guide

Deadline to register : September 20th, 2013

All forms are attached below