Angola: Humanitarian Aid

During war-time, the economic activities of the city of Malange were paralysed, consequently causing the deterioration of living standards. The population had found itself in a situation of dependency regarding UN and NGOs emergency aid. Faced with this situation, Alternatives, in partnership with ADRA (an angolian partner), set up a joint project with two components: (1) the humanitarian aid aiming the displaced population that is still in Malange; (2) support the return and the reintegration of the communities in their area of origin, in that case, the commune of Lombé.

This project’s aim was to improve the life quality of about 2000 families that had been displaced. The perspective was to develop means for those families to reach self-sufficiency and food safety. In other terms, with this project, Alternatives and ADRA were looking for a way to run the following actions:

  • Support the communities beneficing from humanitarian aid in order to satisfy essential needs and to stimulate the food-producing production in preparation for self-sufficiency;
  • Support the renovation of household infrastructure;
  • Support the creation of production related activities that contribute to food safety;
  • Mobilize communities in reforestation programs that aimed to obtain, household fuel, the availability of building material and the nature conservation;
  • Promote the use of adapted technologies;
  • Improve safe drinking water supplies and basic health-care infrastructure;
  • Improve education conditions;
  • Promote support programs to women living in rural areas;
  • Promote support actions dedicated to childhood
  • Support the development of farmers’ organizations and craft associations, women’s groups, etc…


1995 - 1996
Contact Person & Details: 
Michel Lambert, 514 982 6606 x2001