Angola : Mobilizing the Youth

This project was created by Alternatives in collaboration with ADRA, the Angola Development Coalition and local NGOs.


The project was born out of a post-civil war context, characterized by high inflation, immobilized businesses, excessively high unemployment rates and mass exoduses from rural regions due to violence and instability. The public social support system was being thinly distributed, which caused increased violence in cities. In short, the country was struggling to recover from fifteen years of conflict.

Objective and Achievements:

  • creation of a strong democratic movement among the youth
  • promotion of partnerships among schools, associations and the wider community in order to make school a central institution
  • production of writing and audiovisual educational materials, focusing in particular on demobilized soldiers
  •  supplying necessary ADRA human and material resources in the field of education


 *photo credit: Bruce Paton

1996 - 1998