Angola: Research and Information Project

In collaboration with NIZA

Context :

Both NIZA and Alternatives have long records of initiative and solidarity in respect to Angola. Both enjoy trustful relations with leading civil society actors in Angola, as well as with activists and academic networks in North Atlantic countries. Both have supported humanitarian and today especially human rights projects with Angolan NGOs, including media-related groups. Government officials in their respective countries have entrusted public funds to them for relief and development projects, and frequently turn to them for information and analysis in respect to Angola and other countries. Both have, moreover, professional experience in mounting public education and advocacy efforts about African issues in their respective countries.

Angolan organisations, and a number of Northern solidarity and private aid agencies, have long called for greater Northern public attention to the Angolan crisis. In 1994, a European consortium of Catholic agencies studied the possibility of major public education effort, but dropped the idea, apparently because crises elsewhere in Africa had higher priority for that consortium. At various conferences on Angola, including the 1999 events, participants have noted needs to move Angola higher on the policy agenda.

Objectives :

  • To strategically inform Dutch and Canadian agencies dealing with Angola;
  • To positively influence public and private policy agendas and processes of external factors that affect the prospects for peace and development in Angola;
  • To improve the understanding and involvement of persons and organisations in Europe and North America in regards to Angola, especially external factors, thereby enhancing incentives for public responsiveness and accountability by those making the policies that affect Angola;
  • To provide accessible, timely, and high-quality information and analyses of the issues of strategic relevance to achievement of the Global Objectives;
  • To contribute to mutual collaboration among and the knowledge-based capacities of selected civil society, research and media organisations in the Netherlands and in Canada, as well as in the rest of Europe, North America and Africa.

Achievement :

  • Scanning key environments for valid information;
  • In-depth research and analysis on selected topics;
  • General and targeted dissemination of information and research results, via e-mail publishing, a website and printed materials;
  • Lobbying (self-initiated or jointly with others);
  • Promotion of CSO engagement and capacity in Angola advocacy;
  • Internal monitoring and assessment;
  • Basic management of human, financial and material resources, and of supervisory/advisosory committee.
2000 - 2001